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Zavier Cabarga has been drawing pictures and pictures of letters all his life. “Drawing requires an inherent feel for anatomy and proportion. Lettering does also, as I believe that our ancient letterforms are based upon human proportions,” Zavier said. “Inspired at first by comic book lettering, I began copying logos and display type out of magazines. At 15, I stripped up film negatives to form a crude but serviceable typositor font.”

Working under the name Handy Lettering Co., for many years Zavier designed hand lettering for advertising clients while working full-time as an illustrator. “Drawing illustrations has always seemed difficult—lettering is easy and fun," Zavier said. “Working for the past 25 years on the Macintosh has enabled me to create computer fonts, which in many ways is the most satisfying thing I do. Typing a letter or manuscript with a font I’ve created makes me feel like God.”

Zavier Cabarga

Part historian, and part teacher, Zavier is the author of two books, Logo, Font & Lettering Bible and Learn FontLab Fast, that have inspired designers to create better quality logos and fonts with properly drawn letterforms. This fascination with letterforms led to Zavier's font BadTyp. He spent years collecting the worst examples of lettering and created this font to teach people to recognize the most common lettering mistakes. “There is only one basic error in font design, and that’s inconsistency,” Zavier said. “Another of my fonts, Saber, utilizes some letterforms that may even be unique in the history of lettering–at least I think so.”